"I see flying pigs"

Pigs In Flight

Neil Witten

Can you have a business that’s built to last?

Where you don’t worry about money, everyone does work they love, that customers love and recommend?

One that creates amazing opportunities for people to achieve their wildest ambitions and dreams?

Where you’re excited to start a new week, every week. That doesn’t have single points of failure. Fosters the highest levels of team collaboration, respect, relationship building and communication.

Where it’s ok to experiment and for experiments to fail sometimes.

Where it's so much more than just protecting the bottom line?

Pigs Might Fly

Well the pigs are in flight, I’ve seen them, and you can become one. But first you need to allow yourself to dream.

Everything starts with a dream.
I believe that businesses are one of the best vehicles from which to create amazing experiences and opportunities for people. Like anything new, companies start with a dream.

But I know from first hand experience that that dream often gets lost in the haze of the day to day. But if you’re not working towards that dream, or if you can’t remember the finer details of the dream…or maybe the dreams come true and now you’re wondering if you could dream bigger? Then your business isn’t heading in the best direction.

This is where I can help.
I love a certain type of business, let’s call it a beautiful businesses.

I’ve spent my life trying to pull apart the inner details of what I believe makes a business beautiful. First, there has to be a fantastic product that is differentiated and is additive to the world. This could be because it captures imaginations, makes life better or speeds things up in an elegant way.

Decisions need to be made in a strategic and proactive way, this is made a lot easier when we’re not worrying about cash or other priorities. There needs to be a strong sense of culture, deeply rooted values, fantastic people with high levels of respect, collaboration and communication. Just the right amount of process, but not too much. Predictable, ideally recurring revenues. One eye in the future, one in the past but a very strong presence in the here and now. A sprinkle of risk-taking while protecting the down side.

The founders need to be solid. They need to know what they want, and be working towards it. Health, family, mental well-being and energy all need to be in-balance.

Let's do this...

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The business and life you always dreamed of

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